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King George Loses the Battle (The American Revolution for young kids!!)

King George Loses the Battle (The American Revolution for young kids!!)

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Have you been looking for a way to introduce your little one to America’s beginning in a fun and engaging way? Then your search is over! Our “King George Loses the Battle” book is perfect for you!


  • Fun rhymes that both children and parents will enjoy.
  • Lovable illustrations adored by little ones.
  • A hidden item throughout the pages to keep your kiddo entertained.
  • Hardcovers to withstand busy little hands.
  • Engaging pages that depict the early days of America.

Little Ones Learn

  • King George III ruled Great Britain.
  • George Washington was the first president.
  • The Constitution was written so we wouldn’t have a mean king again.
  • The Continental Congress formed to go up against King George III.
  • The Boston Tea Party was an act against King George III.
  • The Revolutionary War was a fight that happened during this time.
  • America became a country after separating from Great Britain.


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